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" She then asked if I knew how much the donation was and I replied, "Oh yea," and she followed by telling me the address, explained it was an apartment building, told me where I should park, and gave me the apartment number, saying she would have to buzz me in. Victoria also asked me to call when I was on my way, and I told her okay expressing my excitement to meet her. She paused briefly and replied, "Me too, see you Friday," and told me to be sure to call. I said, "Okay," and we hung up. When Friday came around, I was nervous but excited too, and as I headed out, I gave her a...
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I lifted it off and put my eye to the hole. Tash's eye looked back at me. I went back round and told her that I would now leave her to it and told her to keep the door closed. We giggled as I went to leave, but I definitely sensed she was uneasy about the whole thing."If you decide not to watch, then you can always look the other way", I said, grinning from ear to ear. We were standing close together and she leaned in to whisper something. "Jackie also played with me when we read her porn". Obviously she had either guessed, or Jackie had told her about us...
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Monday Jim left at his usual time and she went upstairs to get ready to run errands.At 9:30 her phone rang see a strange number she hesitated but decided to answer. The phone sprang to life with her on her knees sucking cock, it was a short clip followed by a message, be at front door in ten minutes!Sandi was terrified she had no memory of the event, but the video was her sucking cock that was for sure.The door bell rang there stood Rob and Matt, "hello Sandi I’m Rob and he’s Matt" they pushed past her and walked in. "Which way to the den"? Too stunned to say anything she just pointed....
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Mans paziņa ir pārdzīvojis sirds infarktu, bet neko nav jutis. To, ka ir bijis infarkts ir uzzinājis pēc krietna laika. Kā rīkoties šādam cilvēkam, kuram pēc pārciesta sirds infarkta, kuru pats nav jutis, pašsajūta ir normāla. Vai būtu jāveic kādi papildus izmeklējumi? Vai profilaktiskos nolūkos būtu jāsāk lietot kādi medikamenti? Aija
Oļegs Orlovs - kardiologs
Ir gadījumi, ka cilvēks ir pārcietis miokarda infarktu, bet pats par to nemaz nezin vai to neatceras. Gadās, ka miokarda infarkts ir nomaskēts ar citu problēmu (mugurkaula slimība, žultsakmeņu slimības un citas). Pilnīgi nemanāms miokarda infarkts ir iespējams pacientam ar cukura diabētu. Pirmās aizdomas par iespējami pārciestu miokarda infarktu var būt veicot EKG (elektrokardiogrāfijas) izmeklējumu. Tad tiek indicēts EHO (vizuāla ultraskaņas diagnostika) izmeklējums un VEM (veloergometrijas tests sirds elektriskas aktivitātes diagnostikai). Pēc šiem izmeklējumiem var ar ļoti lielu pārliecību pateikt, vai pacientam jau ir pārciests miokarda infarkts, vai arī pacientam ir potenciāli augsts miokarda infarksta risks. Pēc tam kardiologs runās ar pacientu jau par citu invazīvo diagnostiku.